オーストラリアからようこそ②~sharing is wonderful !

着物で、こんにちは。 ハンナ と リジーの 菊女生活2日目。

Hello!!!  in kimono. Hannah and Lizzie’s  School life at Kikuchi joshi koukou (Kikuchi girls’ high school) started with  Short Home Room activity ( like an adviser class ).


普通科2年生のSHRから始まりました。本日の時間割は、普通科英語の 授業で生徒たちと百人一首大会(もちろん英語バージョンです)、


そのほか、折り紙で箸入れを作成したり、放課後は剣道の部活に行きました。★ 七草がゆの説明。

We tried  playin a traditional card game called hyakuninn isshu (an anthology of 100 poems by 100 different poets) , of course in English.

We learned how to put kimono on together in home economics(domestic science) class.  

And also We cooked one of the Japanese traditional season food called “nanakusa-gayu”.

★ Nanakusa gayu is the seven herb rice porridge originally introduced from China and then became popular in Japan by Edo period.  In Japan, people eat ‘nanakusa-gayu’ on the morning of January 7th.  Its original intention is to protect oneself against evils and invite good luck and longevity by eating the seven herbs that endure the cold winter.

In other class we experienced to make chopsticks’ cases with origami.  Hannah and Lizzie spent some time to observe kendo practice in the gym after school.   

この二日間、ハンナと  リジーが、日本文化にふれて多くを学んだのと同じように 菊女の生徒たちもたくさんのことを得ることができました。本当にありがとう。また会えるといいね。

Through the two days, Kikuchi girls’ high school students experienced sharing Japanese culture and learned a lot as well as as Hannah and Lizzie did.  We really appreciated and enjoyed two girls visiting us. We hope to see them again. Thank you, Hannah and Lizzie.